Catch the Wave of the 21st Century for a Sustainable World Community by 2050

with DESIGN EARTH SYNERGY – committed to communicating the

Vision and Innovations in Collaborative Vision Planning – Design and Development –

for the emergence of  21st Century Sustainable Cities and Communities Worldwide.



Catch the Earth Wave and the....... American Clean Energy Initiative by 2050

View and consider the Design EARTH Synergy ….

Vision and Action Plan called …..

The American Sustainable Cities & Clean Energy Initiative -2050

A comprehensive strategic vision and action plan to achieve a

Clean Energy America by the Year 2050 …..

Together with World Community we will then develop comprehensive and

collaborative solutions that will address and meet

The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century….


Catch the Wave of the 21st Century for a Sustainable World Community by 2050

ONE INNOVATION is the initiative to communicate the potential of developing an American National Network of Community Vision Planning Centers that would support the emergence of a clear American National Vision Plan for a Sustainable 21st Century – with a high level of support and consensus by the American People similar to the United States in World War II.

The Community Vision Planning process will be recognized in time as an evolutionary step in our Democracy that will unite us even with the complexity of challenges we face today.  Our example eventually will lead to the emergence of a Global Collaborative Vision Planning Process and aligning Creative Communications Networking Structure for a Sustainable World Community by the Year 2050.

Catch the Earth Wave to address the.... Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century

Catch the EARTH WAVE …..and the symbol of the Earth in the Center of A WAVE –

In Perfect Balance with an Aligned Human Vision of a Positive Future –

within the constant Transforming WAVES of CHANGE –

represented by The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century……

that all Nations & Civilization on Earth must rise to meet with an aligned

Vision & Action Plan to achieve a Sustainable 21st Century by the Year 2050.


Design Earth Synergy – Vision Planning Initiatives –

for a Sustainable Clean Energy United States

& World Community by the Year 2050.

This is an invitation to consider

The American Sustainable Cities & Clean Energy Initiative – 2050

aligning on a comprehensive national vision and action plan

to address American leadership and initiative in the 21st Century…..

aligned with the World Community so that we rise together to

collaboratively develop comprehensive solutions to the Global……



Christopher Hyde Belknap – Design Earth Synergy

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Overview Vision and Design Strategy:

This Initiative proposes a comprehensive vision & strategy for the United States to achieve high levels of  National Alignment in order to design, build a Clean Energy Infrastructure Based Economy – achieving full operation with the next 20 years to 30 years –  a National comprehensive self reliant / Sustainable / Clean Energy Collecting Infrastructure Network along with the Systems and the Smart Grid / Super Conducting – High Voltage Direct Current National Grid  for the distribution of virtually 100% Renewable Clean Electric Energy Nationwide by the Year 2050.

The proposed Initiative describes the process Collaborative Design, Development, Financing and Construction of Eight-8 New Carbon Neutral / Smart Tech Cities and communities along Nine-9 Ultra High Speed Rail Corridors that will be built in the next 20 to 40 Years leading to the Year 2050.

This initiative will jump start America’s 21st Century Sustainable Economy driven by American Design & Technology Innovation / Innovative Public & Private American Finance, Business & Entrepreneurs, American Construction Trades / American Workers throughout  Society seizing the opportunity and galvanizing our work force and businesses inspired by an Aligned Vision and  National Plan with a far reaching Vision, Action & Goals  to achieve America’s Sustainable Future in the first 50 Years of the 21st Century.

A TIME OF NATIONAL UNITY – WORLD WAR II – America’s National Unity was at its highest level at the End of World War II & The National Debt was 120% of GDP – with America United, what came next transformed America and the World Community during the rest of the 20th Century.

To begin this plan seeks to remind all Americans of the time of our greatest National Unity in our Nation’s History, and the sense of unified commitment and common purpose of the American People during, and immediately at the end of World War II. It goes on to remind us all, that at the end of WW II, that the National Debt was 120% of GDP, the highest in our history.

In spite of the Debt situation, our sense of National Unity was strong and our leaders in government did not hesitate, Democrats and Republicans together, had the vision and the united political will to make the fundamental legislative decisions that led to the investments in essential infrastructure in America, and the World Community in the first 16 years after the War.  These major infrastructure investments were, The Marshall Plan, The Interstate Highway System and The Apollo Space Program, along with the 20th  Century investments in Energy Infrastructure that we rely on today.

These National investments set the essential infrastructure foundation and path for the rebuilding of the war devastated parts of the World, and were the underlying foundation and catalyst for the great economic expansion that The United States and the World Community benefited from for the rest of the 20th  Century – including all the vast entrepreneurial activity that we celebrate in our country as being what makes America great.


THE 21ST CENTURY CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY IS EMERGING-  There is a potential 212,000 Gigawatts of available Clean Renewable Energy Resources mapped out on the Continental United States by the NREL – Well over 180 x-times our current National Electric Energy generating capacity.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)  has mapped out these resources including Wind/ Solar Thermal & Photo Voltaic/ Geothermal / Hydro Electric & Biomass Renewable Energy Resources – this is well over 180x-times our current needs.

Only a small fraction of this number is enough to power America on non polluting Clean Energy for Centuries to come.  This is more than enough power to transfer our transportation technology to a near 100% Clean Electric & Sustainable Energy Based Transportation Infrastructure phased in by 2050.

The National Clean Energy Infrastructure Planing Initiative – when fully implemented – would have the positive effect of  plummeting America’s Carbon Footprint and make a tremendous contribution to reversing the effects of man made Climate Change.  This plan will inspire a Design Renaissance throughout the major Industrial Nations on Earth to replicate and advance for their own countries what we initiate in the United States National Clean Energy Plan.  

Time and constant Change and Challenges do not stop and history will show that the World needs to rapidly shift to a Clean Energy Economy and Infrastructure System and rapidly achieve this change before the Year 2050.

Design EARTH Synergy – Catch the EARTH WAVE –

for a Sustainable 21st Century

Align on a United Vision & Action Plan for a Sustainable

21st Century – Clean Energy America, World Community-

and EARTH by the Year 2050