The American SMART CITIES | CLEAN ENERGY Initiative -2050  |  ASCCE-2050


“America – once again we can endeavor to come together and embrace the true promise of our democracy.  The true American Spirit that derives its strength from the diversity of all our  people,  that is strongest when unified must now rise to meet -in the most life affirming way with American Innovation, Entrepreneurship, National & Global Collaborative Design Solutions – the Global Imperative of  addressing THE FIVE CRITICAL CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY that we now must face between this present time and the Year 2050.”

Proposed in this presentation is a comprehensive aligning vision and strategic plan that will meet these challenges called  The American SMART CITIES | CLEAN ENERGY Initiative -2050.




The presentation that follows was originally completed during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, delivered and presented to President Obama with the original 4 Presentation Panels in a short meeting at that time. The presentation outlined a comprehensive American Vision and Comprehensive Strategy plan that will lead to a Sustainable United States and World Community by 2050.  Since that milestone presentation, and leading up to the 2016 Election, the presentation has been greatly refined and this website presentation has been built to create a more powerful communications platform to deliver the vision and strategic plan.  Though the political landscape has changed dramatically, this is a vision and comprehensive national plan that remains today even more relevant, and warrants serious consideration and support.   It is my opinion that there is only one true way for America to go forward – and that is united and aligned on a national vision of purpose worthy of our American Democracy, that truly brings all Americans together with the World Community and meets the Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century   2-6-2017

Christopher Hyde Belknap – Design Earth Synergy

The American Clean Energy Initiative -2050 will address THE GLOBAL -FIVE CRITICAL CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY.  On Twitter – @DesignEarthWAVE

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The American | SMART CITIES | CLEAN ENERGY Initiative -2050  ASCCE- 2050

to address The FIVE CRITICAL CHALLENGES of the 21st Century






 Summary Overview:

The American | SMART CITIES | CLEAN ENERGY Initiative -2050 ASCCE-2050 to address The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century is a comprehensive National vision & strategic plan, that will rapidly jump-start and accelerate the American 21st Century Clean Energy Economy.

Note: at times in this proposal the term Smart Cities is interchanged with Sustainable Cities – By definition it is understood that Smart Cities are Sustainable Cities. 

The ASCCE-2050  Initiative proposes a balanced and phased-in approach to achieving the full transition from, our current 20th Century Nonrenewable Energy Reserves that are not sustainable and continue to be highly polluting, over to American’s vast and abundant Renewable Clean Energy Reserves, as the primary generator of clean electricity energy production to provide power to run American Cities and Communities and drive Americas emerging Smart-tech Industries and Transportation Systems throughout the Nation. The goal will be to achieve the full transition to virtually 100% clean renewable, energy that will last for centuries to come, and fully modernize American Sustainable Agriculture, Manufacturing  Smart-tech Industries within the next 20 to 30 years- to be completed no later than the year 2050.

Note: In 2010 The United States had a total electric generating capacity from all sources- Coal, Gas, Oil, Nuclear, Hydro and Renewable Energy of 1,137 GW (Wikipedia source file). According to the NREL– National Renewable Energy Laboratory, The United States has a total untapped Renewable Energy Reserve-potential from all sources including solar thermal, solar photo voltaic, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal, biomass of 212,300 GW.  This is a clean renewable energy reserve well over 180x-times or 18,000% greater than the Energy that America generates from all sources in 2017.

A modern and advanced 21st Century United States must shift to Renewable Clean Energy and Smart Technologies Infrastructure that the ASCCE-2050 strategic plan outlines.  As this transition to America’s Renewable Clean Energy occurs, the innovations in development will all come together and can make the greatest difference in the quality of life for millions of people primarily as a result of the  Collaborative Design, Development, Private / Public Sector Financing and Construction of a series of new 21st Century Prototype | Carbon Neutral | Smart Cities all connected via the rapidly advancing HYPERLOOP technology, ultra-high-speed transit corridors between cities and within cities. This approach will allow for the fastest development and integration of the currently available and rapidly advancing Smart Technologies that are now being  developed through a series of innovation breakthroughs in The United States, and that now can be integrated into our existing Cities and Communities. The ASCCE-2050 initiative and plan is the most rapid jump-start of the American Economy that can be proposed that will produce millions of new high value jobs and transform America’s Technical Education System throughout the Nation.

Phase 1 of the ASCCE-2050 Plan is proposed with 3-New Carbon Net Zero | Smart Tech Cities (including 1 Mars Explore City near Edwards Air Force Base) that will be the proposed Collaborative Design, Development and Finance Process in the Pacific Western States of California, Nevada and Utah and interconnected with the rapidly developing Hyperloop Technology (760 mph-speed) that will truly change how we move between and within our major Cities.

Then from this first Phase 1 the rapid development of these new Prototype Smart Cities, The ASCCE-2050 Initiative has a strategy to make the transfer and integration of these advanced Clean Energy and Transportation Smart Systems over to our current 20th Century technology based cities in Green Economic |Clean Energy Manufacturing Zones in Cities throughout  the United States, and eventually from our example in emerging Net Zero | Sustainable Smart Cities Worldwide.  This transformation to Sustainable Cities in the United States and Worldwide is a primary Global Technology Challenge for the 21st Century and it will have the greatest positive effect on addressing all of The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century.  The ASCCE-2050 Initiative will generate millions of new sustainable clean energy smart-tech jobs in a vast number of industries in America, and as will be explained, in Cities Worldwide. This is the underlying reason that The ASCCE-2050 Initiative is so relevant and significant for the positive future of the United States and our continued leadership innovating in collaboration with the World Community of Nations.

Expand Overview Summary Panel Phase 1 of ASCCE-2050  3-New Prototype 21st Century – Carbon Neutral | Smart-Tech |Cities | w/ new Smart-Tech Economic Green Zones that are all connected with the rapidly emerging ultra-high-speed (760mph) Hyperloop | Electric Cars | Trucks | Point to Point High Speed (100 to 150 mph) Public Transit Systems within cities| and all powered by virtually 100% Clean Renewable Energy Electric Generation Systems | Smart Grid & HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Systems.   This will all be done in a major Regional Sustainable Development triangle in the States of California | Nevada | Utah  and between San Francisco | Los Angeles & San Diego | Las Vegas | Salt Lake City | Reno | San Francisco. 

Los Angeles Basin | Riverside to Sand Diego is the perfect location for the first accelerated Economic Green Zone & Carbon Neutral Retrofit Region.  This Phase 1 Development Region is an example of numerous other Economic Green Zone & Carbon Neutral  – Regional Development Zones that can be identified across America if we align and unify on a National Vision at high levels of Consensus.

ASCCE-2050 Initial Preview of the Main Presentation Panels:

To get an initial overview of  The American Sustainable Cities & Clean Energy Initiative -2050 vision and plan – expand each Illustration Panel to get an overview of the themes that will follow.

View the information in these panels to get an idea where the whole presentation is headed.

The First Illustration Panel covers the specifics of the original Six-Initiatives that are the Organizing Action Steps of the plan laid out on a Map of the Continental United States. These include:

The Second Illustration Panel Describes in more detail the importance of developing new prototype Carbon-Neutral | Smart-Tech Cities in the United States integrated in with The American Clean Energy Infrastructure Plans / Economic Green Zones / and a review of American / Canadian / and European Design Team Teams engaged in major Visionary Urban Planning in the Middle East in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia from 1999 through to 2016.  These developments are indicators of what is possible to rapidly jump start the American Clean Energy Economy bring millions of people back in the work force while at the same time super charging our National Education System K-12, our Colleges and Universities through all technical Masters and PHD advanced degrees.

Third Illustration Panelcovers the History of the United States National Debt relative to GDP – Gross Domestic Product – as well as many other important and relevant History Points from the time of the American Civil War through World War I / World War II through The Cold War / 9-11 and to our present time.  By understanding objectively this US History it is clear that Investments in National Infrastructure – where followed by declining National Debt.  It also can be seen that investments in Military Hardware Infrastructure and the Wars we have engaged in, whether considered justified or not, contribute to rising National Debt. The premise of recording this timeline is to show the critical importance of investing in Sustainable Clean Energy Infrastructure and that these investments will result not only in a healthier, cleaner America but in one where many more people benefit economically and that the National Debt that has been a divisive issue when addressed correctly by understanding our history without the distortions of the political discourse  with Clean Energy Infrastructure will cause the National Debt to dramatically decline.

The Fourth Illustration  –  Supports The National Debit History Time Line and is a detailed history timeline from the Civil War through World War I/ World War II / The Cold War / The Post-Cold War series of Conflicts that lead to the present time recording the rapid exponential and evolutionary development of Weapon Systems and Military Strategy that occurred in less than 100 Years from the time of the Industrial Revolution. There is also on the top of the Timeline a parallel series of events record primarily from the end of World War I and the founding of The League of Nations / to the founding of The United Nations after World War II / Peace talks between Reagan and Gorbachev /to Climate Change International Agreements and the Present Moment. This sequence leads to The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century and a proposed plan between the present time 2017 and the Year 2050 to create a Clean Energy American and Global Community by The Year 2050. 

The expanded explanation history timelines will be found at the end of the presentation. Scroll down.

The Global Sustainable Community Vision Initiatives – Honolulu, Hawaii – 1986 to 1996 

The Full Overview of this history can be found in the Main Menu by clicking on the link below.

Expand the following large presentation panel to view the background history of Community Vision Planning and Visionary Initiatives in Honolulu, Hawaii from 1986 to 1996.   These Initiatives were the pioneering Collaborative Vision Planning Experiences that demonstrated a Global & Local Approach to connecting Communities Worldwide through, at the time the early development of the Internet, and through Local, State and National – Consensus Building Community Vision Planning Events. The following outlines the series of Initiatives that were organized by a core group call Design Synergy Group, along with many other local activists that saw the need and power of the consensus building Vision Planning Model that is an Evolutionary Step in Democracy.  This process is needed as never before since the 2016 Election in the United States. Highlights of this period of time can be found on the link below.

Hawaii Earth Vision 1986-96 

In the 25 years since this time, the process of Community Based Planning is now well established and has now been delivered to a relatively small, but growing number of communities across America, often with considerable positive results bringing often divided communities together on long range planning goals.

The plan further emphasized the importance of developing a clear positive Vision and direction as essential to creating the alignment necessary to move our Nation forward from the previous 8 years and 2 Wars since 9-11, followed by  the 2008 Financial Crisis, with major sectors of our economy in disarray.

To address the growing crisis and clear lack of alignment between the political parties and in the American public discourse, a Strategic Vision Plan was proposed, referencing two of America’s greatest achievements of the 20th Century, a National Marshall Plan structure for Sustainable Infrastructure planning across the United States, and a series of what were called Apollo Earth Projects. This Strategic Vision Plan would be the catalyst to jump-start the American Economy by proposing collaborative design, development and construction of 3 new Sustainable / Carbon Neutral City Projects with, one to be at the State level a Public / Private Partnership – collaboratively designed, developed, financed and constructed on California’s proposed High Speed Rail line.

This website has been built to create a communication platform for sharing this vision for how our presently very divided Nation can come together aligned on a long range Vision and Action Plan that would truly jump start the American Economy.  This plan would simultaneously begin to address a comprehensive strategy not only for our Nation to move rapidly to a Sustainable 21st Century Clean Energy Economy by 2050, but it would show by our actions the way for a Global Clean Energy Economy to emerge in the same time period by the Year 2050.  This plan will present a path to comprehensively address The Global – Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century that are part of the Intro – Global Challenge in the first menu on this website.

It is Critical to understand within our Nation as a whole, the complexity of issues that are pressing upon on us as expressed in The Global Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century. If not met objectively and in a unified way, there is much more that will with high probability follow, that can negatively effect our Nation and the World Community.  However this is a presentation of positive Vision and Action Plan that reveals a tremendous opportunity that is being presented to the United States and World Community by these very same Global Challenges.   Presented in this proposal is both a Positive Vision and Path that can Align our Nation,  if we can rise above the current level of FEAR and Separation that is present, and has been growing for many years since 9-11.  Our Freedom will only exist, and even increase, with our Unity and a common Vision our  Future.  Separated and Divided against one and other is truly not the Path that any American should want to follow.

How to achieve that Positive Vision and rise above the FEAR is one key objective and purpose of Design Earth Synergy and this website. This plan will address America’s and the World’s Security concerns regarding the rise of increase separation born of the current obsession and fuels the negative vision and actions of FEAR begin spread at present in our country and accelerated by Radical Terrorism and the emerging Global Refugee Crisis.  The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century describe the multiple drivers that are converging and unless fully understood they are also accelerating the present FEAR and Separation in our Nation and in the World Community as we fail to act comprehensively on all fronts. 

My request if you have made it to this part of the presentation is to continue on. This proposal is not an easy sound bite solution and it recognizes the solution or the Vision and Alignment must come from all of us in communities across America, in our present diversity and starting at our present level of Separation and FEAR that has been dividing us.

This proposal is a comprehensive vision and strategy plan that will achieve the development of an aligned American Vision and Action Plan that will rapidly accelerate the planning, financing and development of American’s 21st Century Sustainable Clean Energy Economy.  This proposal envisions that this will occur once National and State alignment is achieved on the full vision plan,  through the Public and Private funding, design and construction of a National and State coordinated Clean Renewable Energy Collecting Infrastructure sufficient to more than power our Nations Energy needs for Centuries to come.  This proposal outlines specific achievable action steps that are built on the understanding of the aligning and consensus building – Collaborative Vision Planning Process.

I appreciate your consideration of this presentation and I welcome your support – Christopher Belknap

The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century:

 The underlying reason for beginning the massive effort is to immediately initiate a long range plan for our sustainable economic economic development and our Economic National  Security that is inherently connected to the urgent need for our Nation to recognize and respond to The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century. When the convergence of these five challenges is fully understood, it is clear that the need to address the combined five challenges rises to the highest level of National Security for our Nation and all Nations of the World Community.

Note: Below a brief summary of The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century. 

The complete description is found on the first Menu Item:  INTRO – GLOBAL CHALLENGE.


The implications of the Population Growth of another 3 Billion people on the Planet by 2050, and how that will effect all Cites and Communities Worldwide is immense. The magnitude of this population growth will challenge all nations in the Sustainable Design Renewal and Development of infrastructure throughout our existing cities Worldwide. The situation implies the need for the vision, design and development of totally new cities that are Clean Renewable Energy Infrastructure Based/ Smart-tech/ approaching Carbon Neutral and therefor are Sustainable Cities for a Sustainable 21st Century. The implication of population growth and economic growth in emerging developing countries with regards to infrastructure, water reserves and food resources in this Century further implies the World’s Nations must work together in order to not be overwhelmed by the problems that are emerging. Projections show that most of the population growth will be in the growing cities of the world.


Mobilizing the shift in the energy and transportation infrastructure of the United States and the World Community to clean & abundant and renewable energy, from currently polluting non-renewable sources that the World depends upon today within 20-50 years.To not do this will eventually put the United States and the World’s traditional Industrial Nations, and new rapidly developing Industrial Nations in direct competition for increasingly scarce, more costly and diminishing non-renewable fuel sources. As this is occurring with each passing year the risks of major confrontation amongst Industrial Nations increases.


The current Global Poverty imbalance of 1/3 of humanity living on less than $1-2 per day and the implications of this situation to violence of all kinds, conflicts between ethnic and religious groups and the spread of Global Terrorism.  It is now time to develop policies amongst all Nations that will address the major imbalances that have left so many people in abject poverty. Without addressing the underling imbalances that exist in current World Economic Systems, this imbalance in poverty will continue to lead to increasing civil unrest and war throughout many regions of the World Community.  A major source of unrest that can often be the trigger to increased conflict leading to Civil Wars, as well as in an increased Global Terrorist activity which usually has a significant Economic Imbalance Component embedded in the causes of the conflict.  Scarcity in food production and the cost of food in the poorest regions of the World left unresolved will continually disrupt the 21st Century Global Economy.



The implications of the above global systems situations to emerging conflicts and the importance of achieving new communication and conflict resolution strategies such as the Department of Peace Initiative, Programs in Conflict Resolution / Earth Situation Rooms and The Global Community Vision Center Network to meet peacefully the complexity of challenges humanity faces and move beyond war to solve the critical challenges of the 21st Century.


The Convergence of all of the above systemic Global issues on Climate Change / Global Warming – possibly the most serious life altering threat that we face. Each of the above challenges has an increasing effect on the World Communities’ ability to address this overarching challenge in time to avert major disruption to our life supporting natural Global Systems such as clean water reserves, food growing systems, ocean habitat / fisheries etc. These Five Critical Challenges are converging and present the greatest challenge to our Nation and the World Community. Combined they will require altogether new levels of collaborative cooperation within our own Nation, and Internationally amongst all Nations to meet the accelerating combined challenges that we are now facing. These challenges also represent the greatest opportunity for our Nation, and all Nations if we do organize effectively to meet these Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century.

Note: the expanded Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century is presented on this website under the Menu  Intro – Global Challenge

NOTE:  On a very positive note – Global International Cooperation and Collaboration is gaining momentum on the International stage as reflected by the just completed CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE IN PARIS.  For a Summary of the Conference Agreements the following links are provided. 


OUTCOMES OF THE U.N. CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE IN PARIS 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21)    November 30-December 12, 2015   

Download the summary (PDF)

Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) reached a landmark agreement on December 12 in Paris, charting a fundamentally new course in the two-decade-old global climate effort.

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The American Clean Energy Initiative -2050

The Proposed United States – Sustainable Cities & Infrastructure Initiative – for a United / Sustainable Clean Energy America – by the Year 2050:

Momentum is gathering in the form of 5 CRITICAL CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY and the tremendous OPPORTUNITY OF MEETING THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE is to set the course for the next 40 years that will lead our Nation on a path towards a fully aligning vision to action plan for a United & Sustainable Clean Energy America by 2050. This plan would be a major commitment by our Nation to addressing The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century and it would reinvigorate the American economy, while at the same time demonstrate The United States’ true leadership role by example, in an overwhelming positive way within the World Community of Nations.

There is a sequence to this presentation that builds on the individual pieces and parts of The American Clean Energy Initiative -2050.  The most profound change will be in our Cities and Communities across America where most people live and where we will experience the greatest positive change if we approach the challenges ahead by not dividing through the forces of fear and division, but rather uniting and working together in a competitive and far more collaborative way for our common future in The United States and World Community. Next will be described the reasons  and vision for 2st Century Clean Energy | Smart Cities, how they can be achieved, how Americans once again can be United, and why American Leadership now is needed at an all together new level of commitment in the 21st Century.

20th Century Cities will adapt and change into 21st Century Sustainable Smart-Tech Cities with an aligned vision and collaboratively designed plan.

20th Century Cities in The United States and throughout World Community are singularly the most important and complex constructs of Human Civilization-  and they cause greatest impact on the quality of life both positive and negative for all humanity living on Earth.

Cities throughout time adapt to Change:

Cities throughout time have evolved much like living organisms, constantly adapting to change, in the environment and with respect to Cities adapting to change in the evolution of technology, in economies, in culture and social movements, and change from man made conflict civil and international war.   Cities are in fact in constant change and are often in some form of dilapidation and demolition, as well as construction and renewal.   Cities can in the most positive sense be understood, not just as economic points of concentration, but as the point of highest concentration in human creativity and at the forefront of collaboration in the evolution of Human Civilization.

Cities throughout time adapt to change. They come back from catastrophic natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires even at times nearby volcanoes. They also come back from man made disasters such as the many wars that have continued over centuries of time into the 20th Century and throughout the first 16 years of the 21st Century.  Ultimately the 20th Century brought the evolution of warfare to levels of destruction never experienced before and two World Wars.  Both wars stretch the boundaries of technology with strategic bombing and the devastation of two atomic bombs at the end of the World War II,  the advancement of warfare technology provided the means for Humankind’s own destruction. Understanding this new threat we adapted again to the present danger and set out to create international institutions such as the United Nations to resolve conflict before the outbreak of armed conflict and war. Ultimately in the 20th Century our need to adapt to constant change and new challenges regarding the Environment / Climate Change caused the World’s leading Nations to align on a plan to comprehensively address Climate Change initially in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and culminating with The Paris World Climate Summit in 2015.

However even with The World Climate Summit agreement in place, we must make massive changes and today’s Cities Worldwide are virtually all running, for the most part, on 20th Century non-renewable energy infrastructure systems that were vital to the positive progress of Human Civilization from the dawn of the Industrial Age through the 20th Century.  However, change is a constant and the 21st Century Cities we live in are running on borrowed time right now as the non-renewable energy they need will become increasingly more expensive to use and more scarce to locate and extract as time marches on.  Further as time progresses the drilling and mining of these resources damages the environment to an even greater extent as the extraction methods, such as gas fracking,  oil shale mining, or deep water ocean drilling require more environmentally compromising methods.

Beyond these concerns, once non-renewable resources such as gas, coal, oil an uranium is extracted and transformed into usable energy they continue to pollute, the atmosphere, ground water reserves, water ways and contribute millions of tons of additional CO2 to the atmosphere every year. If we examine nuclear energy that does not pollute the air when operating correctly, then there is an immediate risk due to either the catastrophic failure of a nuclear meltdown, or the weaponizing spent nuclear fuel, and beyond these significant issues, then there is a radioactive waste problem that lasts 500,000 years that no government or organization today can in truth say they can be fully accountable for.

Non-renewable resources are the largest contributors to Climate Change on the planet. Even though this is true, cites are actually paradoxically very efficient, and they are where the majority of the World’s Population live, work, play, conduct business, collaboratively create and ultimately thrive, or at the other end of the spectrum live lives of desperation.   Cities use the most energy, consume the greatest resources and produce the most waste and pollution of any complex structure on Earth.  However if the human population was spread out rather than in these concentrated centers at a current 2016 World Population of  7.5 billion people, and expecting to increase to over 10 billion people by 2050, we would have a far more expansive problems and far less natural resource areas than we do today.

The point is that Cities are at the forefront of the evolution of Human Civilization.  They are Great!!!  – and at the same time  we all must envision them in new ways to meet this present time of change and challenge, for they do not evolve by themselves.  Humanity adapting and embracing the change and challenges is the answer, and Human Civilization and Cities must continue to move forward and evolve into Sustainable Clean Energy 21st Century Cities – that are even greater creative and life enriching centers, that greatly increase our quality of life.

This should not be a goal that divides us but rather unites us to meet the true challenges of our time.  Embracing this challenge right now will unite Americans as never before and will bring a greater quality of life to each of us if we move from our highly aggressive and competitive paradigm, to a far more Collaborative and Competitive Paradigm. If we do this soon we will find our lives to be great fulfilling and transforming when we align to meet the challenges and great Collaborative Endeavors that are now upon on us.

20th Century non-renewable Energy Sources

The follow is brief review of 20th Century non-renewable Energy Sources that World Civilization and virtually all the current World’s Cities continue to primarily depend on.  This includes Electric Energy and Transportation infrastructure that globally runs on non-renewable energy infrastructure including Coal- Strip Mining and Underground Mining , Oil Drilling, Deep Water Oil Drilling, Oil Shale Strip Mining and Fracking, Gas Drilling, Gas Fracking,  Oil and Gas shipping via global shipping routes,  rail, truck, pipelines, refineries.  Each of these industries vital to the current way that modern civilization runs is carbon polluting and environmentally damaging to mountains, forests, rivers and underground water tables, potentially drinking water, natural habitat and to the communities and cities they serve. Each is a major source environmental ground, water, and  air pollution that combined contribute to major health risks to people throughout the World and primarily to billions of people who live within or in near proximity to our Major Cities.  These are all conditions that for the most part we all accept are the inevitable risk that is associated with Modern 20th and 21st Century Civilization.

Business Insider  – Animated Map of the Major Oil and Gas Pipelines in the US

America’s Dangerous Pipelines Analysis by Richard Stover PHD. at The Center for Biological Diversity Oil Spills 1986 to 2013

Oil Spills 1986 to 2016

The last major non-renewable Energy Source Nuclear Energy – is not a major Carbon or Air Polluter. It does not require drastic strip mining and consumes significantly smaller amounts of mined uranium that is processed into nuclear fuel.  However of all the non-renewable sources Nuclear Energy poses the greatest current and certainly long term risk to any major city and its population anywhere that

Top 10 Nuclear Accidents

GAO US Government Accountability Office Issues / disposal of High-level Nuclear Waste

21st Century Carbon-Zero | Smart-Tech Cities

Comprehensive Renewable Clean Energy Infrastructure built by 2050 is central to each part of The America Clean Energy Initiative – 2050  and central this objective is the transformation of Cities across America to a 21st Century Sustainable Development Paradigm –    Carbon Zero – Smart-Tech 21st Century Cities. 

To achieve such a profound technological shift will require a new and significant National Vision, Alignment and Commitment of the American People and all our institutions from government to the institutions, professions and businesses in the private-sector.  

What is next – is the collaborative design, financing and construction of a series of next generation Carbon-Zero ||Smart-Tech Cities that will be the new prototypes that ultimately will transform our existing cities the United States to a 21st Century Sustainable Configuration. will be able to demonstrate in these new city prototypes all the latest design innovations in clean energy and smart-tech solutions that address a variety of urban design problems.

Cities of the 21st Century are Creative Centers – and since our cities and communities of every size are where most people live, this is where people across America will experience, live, feel and understand that their quality of life has improved by developing Carbon Zero – Smart-tech Cities and within the full vision and strategic plan of The American Clean Energy Initiative – 2050.  It is in their local community where they have their business, job in America’s work force, health, wellness, opportunity for greater creative self-expression, spiritual self-expression and their ability to have more quality time for the family can greatly improve as result of developing these new generation Smart-tech Communities.

The latest Clean Energy Smart-Tech Transportation modes of travel are just one clear example of advances in technology that if implemented now can greatly reduce our time spent in traveling between Cities and within Cities, thereby greatly reducing our daily lost time in slow and/ or stopped traffic. The design of this series of new cities will provide thousands of new Private Sector development opportunities in the design and construction of all the component projects within these new City Prototypes.

A Nationwide High Speed Rail or a possible Hyper Loop System – A number of Regional High Speed Rail planning advocate groups including America 2050 – have described various scenarios, initially emerging from eight metro regions and eventually connecting Cities across our Nation to each other, thereby greatly enhancing our quality of life. See High Speed Rail Interactive Phasing Map by America 2050

Imagine the possibilities of Los Angeles to San Francisco on a 720 mph -Hyperloop in 30 minutes!!   This is not a fantasy. The initial prototypes are currently under construction in California  Then imagine this speed and interconnection between major Cities 400-200 miles apart in the numerous urban regions that are mapped out in The American Clean Energy Initiative-2050 presentation maps.

Hyperloop Transportation  Technologies!/

Hyperloop One

Electric Cars and Trucks dramatically drop the Carbon Footprint of the Smart-Tech City: Numerous modes of transportation are possible within a Smart-Tech City that greatly reduce travel time and increase everyone’s highly valued personal time.  Most cars and trucks within the Smart-tech city will be electric, and as that technology rapidly advances it will become increasingly more automated and far more efficient and safer to operate. View this link –Tesla Autopilot collision warning before accident Electric powered cars and trucks powered by clean renewable energy will dramatically drop the carbon footprint of the city clearing the air and waterways of a most of the carcinogens and toxins we all now accept as just part of life in our current 20th Century Technology Cities and are a major contributor to our overall health costs.

Point to Point Ultralight High Speed Rail (100-150mph) within Smart Tech Cities: Now move forward one step further to new generation Carbon Zero – Smart Tech cities advances in Point to Point Ultra High Speed Rail,  Imagine a within Los Angeles traveling from Dana Point in the south to Pasadena or Santa Monica in only 30 minutes at speeds of 100 t0 150 mph gliding quietly above traffic  to go to lunch or a business meeting downtown in a point to point luxury travel car carrying 20 people in comfortable travel seats.   The technology for this mode of transportation has existed for many years but not implemented.  One technology example is Cyber Tran Ultralight Rail  (ULRT) view website at

NEXT – Economic Green Zones create thousands of new high value and well paid professional, construction and technical manufacturing jobs –where the next generation of Smart-tech / Energy Efficient / local light industrial manufacturing will occur in Cities throughout the United States. This next generation model of local light industry will bring back an internal healthy local economy to every City in America, and when adapted in China, Mexico, Europe and the rest of the World it will provide sustainable internal economies for cities throughout the world. 

View the new innovations at GrowGreen Power Inc.  for local produce production of a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with Biomass Power and or Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants in a highly energy efficient platform and  an anchor for new high-tech and highly energy efficient Economic Green Zones.  

 21st Century Education and Technical / Career Retraining Centers: To stay ahead of the rapid pace of creative and technological change American companies and the American work force must embrace change and there will be developed a new system to rapidly retrain possibly the American Work Force two to three, or more times in the career of many most Americans in professions, manufacturing and technology advancement,  We must do this to move and grow with the changes that even today overtake are the concern of so many Americans today.  Well designed Smart-tech Cities will take into consideration these systemic rapid changes which we must understand and embrace are changing our lives. Rather than resist this change we must embrace it while seeking to work together to achieve a high quality of life for everyone within our cities and communities.  Collaborating this way opens many more doors to self expression in the from of increased entrepreneurial expansion, in a healthy competitive environment, with far greater economic opportunity in the context of the reemerging American Dream.

America can lead in what will be a National and Global transformation of our Cities, and in today’s highly connected World Community these same changes will happen in Mexico, China, Europe, The Middle East and much of the World.  Trade Wars are unnecessary – there will continue to be expanding trade, however there will be an expanding beneficial effect for all cities and countries, as the new generation  Carbon Zero Smart-tech Cities emerge  – that have healthy sustainable internal economics, that are more efficient and will produce a greater opportunity for the generation wealth for the middle class, and thus a greater economic engine for every country that moves towards developing their own Sustainable Carbon Neutral Smar-Tech Cities .

What is suggested here is nothing less than a new renaissance in American urban planning,  architecture, development, financing and construction with expanded opportunities for all people living in these new communities and with the knowledge gained from this approach constantly improving all our existing cities, where collaboratively we will build the new 21st Century American Cities that can fully apply American creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

How Will Cities Adjust to the Population Boom?    A video essay on the future of urbanization by Oscar Boyson……

Hyperloop One – tests supersonic transport propulsion system – Video

Hyperloop One – Dubai System Simulation – Video

21st Century Cites – Designed and developed in the Middle East from 1995 to 2016

by International Collaborative Design Teams assembled with leading International Design Firms – American, Canadian, British and European – Urban Planners, Architects and Engineers.  Projects were envisioned and design under the direction of visionary Middle East based International Development Companies.

Significantly in The Middle East, in the same region of the World that we have had the main conflicts that the World Community has been focused on for the last 16 years, the model for Sustainable 21st Century Cities is emerging  in a series of the largest urban planning and development projects ever conceived that  ­can be found in the more pro-western countries of the region such as the Dubai in The United Arab Emirates – UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

This is also where a number of the most prestigious American, Canadian, British and European – Architects, Urban Planners and Civil Engineer Design Firms have collaboratively designed and built the most advanced, and completely new large-scale comprehensive mixed-use urban planning projects in the world over the last 16 years. 

FEATURED ARCHITECTS:  Foster + Partners: Innovative Architecture & Integrated Design– U.K.  featured projects: Masdar City – first Carbon Zero | Smart City – Abu Dhabi , UAE  /  SOMSkidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP – USA featured projects: Burj Khalifa Tower -Dubai, UAE | KAEC Master Plan Saudi Arabia | Bahrain Bay Master Plan, Bahrain  /   WATG Architects -USA featured projects: Dubai Marina Master Plan, UAE | KAEC Master Plan, Saudi Arabia /  HOK | A Global Design, Architecture, Engineering and Planning FirmUSA  featured project: Dubai Marina Master Plan – UAE

FEATURED DEVELOPER: EMAAR  Properties PJSC | Global Property Developer – Dubai, UAE –

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Architects and urban planners today can bring to the present the best understanding of the great cities throughout history combined with the latest modern technology and in particular Carbon Neutral / Smart-Tech systems to create fully dynamic City Master Plans – that are at a scale that has only been attempted in this 21st Century. This was done with the best American Design Professionals and yet most American’s are not aware of this story of inspirational design or the potential it holds to our present moment in the United States

The projects I am referring to in the Middle East, include a number I was personally involved in from 2000 to 2014 as Sustainable Design Architect and Urban Planner / Design Consultant, with an International Design Architecture and Urban Planning Firm WATG Architects, originally based in Honolulu and Irvine, CA. These projects were envisioned in collaborative and often joint venture teams, and were in many cases tasked to envision, develop and design completely new City PrototypesThe most advanced was the first attempt to design and build a Carbon Neutral – Net Zero- Smart-tech- Clean Energy City, called Masdar outside Abu Dhabi In this case The Masdar development design team was led by British Architect Sir Norman Foster and an International Consortium of Design Professionals.

From 2000 to 2016 in the Middle East there were many other mixed-use City Centers conceptualized and built that were new economic engines, that I like to call new Economic and Cultural Points of Light, developed in Cities in the most pro-western countries such as The United Arab Emirates – UAE in Dubai – The Burj Khalifa Tower complex, Dubai Marina – a micro city within a City along 1.5-mile man made canal envisioned in 1999 and now virtually built out in 2016 – original Master Plan by WATG & HOK. Also built in Dubai, The Palm Island & in Abu Dhabi –Masdar as mentioned.  Other major projects can be found in Qatar – The Pearl of the Gulf, Bahrain, Cairo.

Open Link    – to view spectacular video by members of Sky Dive Dubai – titled  Vertical Maze Dubai.  This footage is not only quite exiting to view, but it provides a great overview of the visionary development of Dubai Marina living and experience along its grand canal water way.

In Saudi Arabia a new 64 sq. mi. cityKing Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is one of the largest endeavors being built at this time. The original conceptual design master planning was developed by and expanded design team that include American Architects from WATG and SOM. The master plan was prepared under the direction of EMAAR Global Property Developer out of the UAE. For the latest news rethinking Smart-City design at KAEC. See the link: Smart City Strategy: King Abdulla Economic City | Intelligent / Smart Cities Strategies

The process for developing these very complex projects – with American, Canadian and European collaborative design planning teams is now well established. Also the economics and finance of such ambitious projects is understood by sophisticated Development and Finance Strategies coordinate by EMAAR in particular as well as a number of other large development companies in the region. So it is possible to bring this collective international knowledge to the array of the Proto Type Caron Neutral, Smart-Tech Cities this plan is advocating in the United States. In my view knowing we can do this with American Leadership, American Design and Construction Teams and also gaining from the International Expertise in Development and Finance of these mega projects means that nothing short of bold action will do at this time to Inspire Americans and jumpstart the American Economy if America is to truly lead in the World Today.  


AMERICAN NATIONAL UNITY was at its highest in our history when THE UNITED STATES entered  WORLD WAR II in 1941 & throughout the next four years to when we achieved VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC in 1945  

It is important to remember the National Debt was 120% of GDP at the end of World War II and even with this heavy debt burden from the War effort, The United States led the Post War Reconstruction in Europe and the Pacific. In the next 16 Years under both Democrat and Republican Administrations Americans initiated The Marshall Plan-1947, The Interstate Highway System-1956 and The Apollo Space Missions-1961 -vast investments in the primary Infrastructure that would positively transform the Nation and The World we live in over the next 50 Years of the 20th Century. This was a time of American Leadership/ Vision & Unified Action that can and must be achieved in the 21st Century once again.

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America’s National Unity was at its highest level with Victory at the End of World War II & The National Debt was 120% of GDP:

To begin this plan seeks to remind all Americans of the point in time of our greatest National Unity in our Nation’s History, and the sense of unified commitment and common purpose of the American People during, and immediately at the end of World War II with Victory in Europe and The Pacific. It goes on to remind us all, that at the end of World War II, that the National Debt was 120% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the highest in our history.

In spite of the Debt situation, our sense of National Unity was strong and our leaders in government did not hesitate, Democrats and Republicans together, had the vision and the united political will to make the fundamental legislative decisions that led to the investments in essential infrastructure in America, and the World Community in the first 15 years after the War. These major infrastructure investments were, The Japan Occupation and Recovery Program 1945, The Marshall Plan 1946, The Interstate Highway System 1956, and The Apollo Space Program 1961, along with the 20th Century investments in Energy Infrastructure that we rely on today. These National investments set the essential infrastructure foundation and path for the rebuilding of the war devastated parts of the World, and were the underlying foundation and catalyst for the great economic expansion that The United States and the World Community benefited from for the rest of the 20th Century – including all the vast entrepreneurial activity that we celebrate in our country as being what makes America great.

This was the time of great American Leadership in the World, and the US National Debt went down for the next 28 Years after World War II, to a post War low of the National Debt at 25% of GDP by 1973.

There is a compelling case to be made when you review the timeline of the History of the National Debt Chart on the second Illustration Panel, and view the record of history of investments made in infrastructure after our country’s major wars from the Civil War, to World War I, to World War II and the recent Iraq and present Afghanistan Wars, that investments in the Nation’s primary infrastructure are key to economic renewal after major war expenditures that raise the National Debt.  After each of these wars, and in particular after World War II, the investments in primary infrastructure provide the foundation and key economic stimulus for strong economic recovery and as the illustration of the National Debt time line shows these large debts were retired by spending on primary infrastructure as it results a renewal of economic expansion. 

At the end of World War II the National Debt was 120% of GDP and with the 4 major investment programs described in this presentation, 28 Years later in 1973 it went to a low of 25% at the time of OPEC Oil Crisis.  

We should always be renewing and investing in the  next generation of Infrastructure, and the Year 2000 we should have been moving rapidly to invests in new Clean Energy Sustainable Infrastructure -in energy, transportation, cities etc. that were at that time 40 to 50 years from being current. We also knew from the last years of the 1990’s that we needed to meet the growing threat of climate change and the other 5 Critical Challenges of the 21st Century as are outlined. 



America was still united at the end of World War II the National Debt was 120% of GDP and with the four major investment programs described in this presentation, 28 Years later in 1973 The National Debt went to a low of 25% at the time of OPEC Oil Crisis.

The next three illustrated panels that provide a brief review of American National Investments in three major infrastructure endeavors – initiated within the first 16 years after the End of World War II – that positively transformed the World Economy and built the framework for far greater International Cooperation during the second half of the 20th Century – even with the conflicts that continued during The Cold War. 

1. The Japan Occupation and Recovery Program 1945-1952 & The Marshall Plan in Europe 1947-1952

2.  The Interstate Highway System 1956-1981

3.  NASA & The Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Space Program 1961-1972


Expand the following Illustration Panels:

For a more in depth overview of The Marshall Plan go to the following Wilkapedia Link    For a more in depth overview of the The Japan Occupation and Economic Recovery Program go to the following US Department of State –  OFFICE of the HISTORIAN Link
For a more in depth review on The History of The Interstate Highway System that records the Economic Costs and Benefits to the National Economy – in added Jobs and Revenue  go to the following Wilkapedia Link on the INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM  
For a more in depth summary analysis of the NASA Budget from 1958 -2015 that records the Economic Costs and Benefits to the National Economy – in added Jobs and Revenue from the NASA Space Missions go to the following Wilkapedia Link on the BUDGET  OF NASA Now 15 years after 9-11 and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars diverted our Nation’s attention from a positive and sustainable future, we must now rapidly invest in 21st Century Infrastructure to correct a great imbalance that is the major cause of our Nation’s current divisions and economic stagnation. We must do this because of the converging Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century described above, and in much more detail on the same second panel of this presentation.

The situation is clear that there is a convergence of critical issues that we are not currently addressing, and the consequences of which if not addressed, have the potential to divide further our Nation and the World Community.

Overview First Presentation Panel – The Central Themes of the American Clean Energy Initiative 2050

The Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century

Time Line of the National Debt from the Civil War to 2012 with

Democrat and Republican Administrations  on the timeline from World War I through World War II and the second half of the 20th Century

The End of World War II the highest the National Debt has been at 120% of GDP


Expand the next 4- Illustrated Panels to follow the major themes and goals of the American Clean Energy Initiative -2050 following the headline comments down the Center of the Panel. Continuing down the Center of the Panel is the Graph that records the History of The National Debt from 1850 through to 2012 and then a projection of what would happen to the National Debt if this Major 21st Century Infrastructure Initiative is adopted leading to the Year 2050. Then on the right side of the Panel is written explanation of the Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century.

The first three Presentation Panel when expanded explores the history of the Debt with key Historic Milestones that will be discussed.

The Fourth Presentation Panel when expanded explores the Parallel Path and the Exponential Expansion of Warfare and War Technological Advances in the 20th & early 21st Century, as well as the movement toward greater Global Cooperation  and collaborative planning for a Sustainable Clean Energy 21st Century by International Agreements. This Important History Timeline that projects both what will happen if War continues on its present course and what will likely happen if a consensus builds for Global Cooperation towards a Sustainable, Clean and Renewable Energy Future built in before 2050 in the 21st Century will be explored in greater detail near the end of the presentation by scrolling down to the end of this sequence where The History Timeline is expanded to explain its importance in making this presentation.


Note: Expand each of the Following Presentation Panels to view key presentation points.

Expand to View  – Central Themes of the American Clean Energy Initiative 2050

The above Overview Illustration Panel of the National Debt Time Line superimposed over Democrat and Republican Administrations and with Summary of Significant 20th & 21st Century American History Points from the Civil War to  World War I / The Great Depression / End of World War II and the Major Infrastructure and Technology Initiatives that followed THE POINT IN TIME OF GREATEST UNITY IN AMERICAN HISTORY – VICTORY IN WORLD WAR II -including initiation of The Japan Occupation and Recovery Program / The Marshall  Plan 1947 / The Interstate Highway System 1956 / The Mercury to Apollo Space Program 1961.

At the end of World War II American Unity was at its highest level in the history of the United States, and even with the National Debt at its highest point in our history – at 120% of GDP – a unified America coming directly out of the War Years, was able to align on the vision and initiative for The Marshall  Plan in 1947 / The Interstate Highway System in 1956 / The Mercury to Apollo Space Program in 1961.  

With these major investments and initiatives the American economy expanded in all sectors and the National Debt made a steady decline in relationship to GDP for the next 25 Years to a low in 1973 when the National Debt was reduced to to 25% of GDP at the time of OPEC Oil Crisis.

This was the time of Great American Leadership in the World and these visionary initiatives and investments in our future, made by both Democrat and Republican Administrations, were at that time in World History, the underlying advanced technological infrastructure revolution that would transform the World for the 2nd Half of the 2oth Century.  The advanced technology infrastructure built during this time period in our history, based on primarily non renewable energy sources, was underlying foundation and catalyst for the great economic expansion in the United States and the rest of the World Community for the next 50 Years of the 20th Century.

Note: It is during this great expansion of the World Economy from the end of World War II to the beginning of the  21st Century – that the World Population doubled – and we began to see early in the 1960’s through 1990’s to 2016 – the ever growing environmental consequences of our reliance on 20th Century Non-renewable Energy Resources.   The purpose of this presentation is to make clear the necessity from a historic, economic and sustainable development standpoint, that as the United States and World Community has moved slowly over time to align on Global Sustainable Development Goals – The United States must now play a critical roll as we did after World War II – and we must rapidly move forward again in a comprehensive and strategic manner to build the underlying Renewable Clean Energy Infrastructure for the 21st Century beginning  now in 2017.  Taking bold visionary and strategic action we will once again rapidly lift and accelerate our economy well beyond the current recovery – and American Unity and American Leadership will advance greatly for the betterment of not just of the United States,  but also the World Community of Nations.

The Strategy Action Points of the National Clean Energy Infrastructure Plan are located following Map of the Continental United States:

 Expand the Following Overview Presentation of  American Clean Energy Intiative-2050 Strategy Plan:

Expand the next Presentation Panel and Map of the Continental United States to get an enlarged view of the The American Sustainable Cities and Clean Energy Infrastructure Strategy Points. These will be expanded upon next in the Six American Clean Energy Initiative Sections that follow.

American Clean Energy Infrastructure Initiative 1:

Collaborative Planning and Construction of The American Renewable Clean Energy Collecting Infrastructure into Regional Clean Energy Zones:

American Renewable Clean Energy Collecting Zones:  Referencing the first illustration Panel is NREL – National Renewable Energy Laboratory  map of the Continental United States and a plan that lays out a strategy to fully capitalize on our Nation’s available National Renewable Energy Reserve regions across the United States, in Wind, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Wave Tech, Hydro, & Biomass resources. According to the NREL – National Renewable Energy Laboratory  there is an overall Potential National Clean Energy Reserve of 212,368-GW. A quick calculation indicates conservatively, that the total Renewable Clean Energy Resources mapped out and available across the Continental United States is approximately 186 times our current needs in 2010 when we had a total Electric Generating Capacity of 1,137-GWs  that included all Non-renewable and Renewable Energy Sources.  NREL – National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Expand NREL -National Renewable Energy Laboratory Map above that depicts the Total Renewable Energy  Potential – across the Continental United States estimated at 212,368-GWs.   

Then expand Wikipedia Source chart above that records the total Electric Generation Capacity from all sources in 2012 at 1,137-GWs. When 1,137-GWs is divided into 212,368 -GWs=186-x Times our current needs as of 2010.  Put another way that is 18,600% more Energy Capacity than the United States currently generates. Only a small fraction of the total Renewable Energy Resources would be needed to power the United States for centuries to come.

It is clear that with this abundance of renewable energy we would only need to utilize a small fraction of this total reserve capability, say 2,500-GW – to provide enough redundancy and storage capability to assure the National Electric Clean Energy Generating System and Grid can always meet the Nation’s electric energy needs year round with the ability to expand for Centuries to come. 

A thorough technological analysis will be initiated to explore the full feasibility of this approach. Once the fundamental infrastructure is built the cost to maintain the system would go down with successive years and not up, as it most certainly will over time relying on non-renewable energy sources as we did during the last 50 years of the The 20th Century and today 16 years into The 21st Century.

The plan will be to implement the Renewable Clean Energy Infrastructure Plan through a Phased-in strategy over 20 to 40 years and in that time shifting to Renewable Clean Energy Collecting, Generating  Systems.  This will also require the building of a long distance Continental HVDC  National Transmission System (Initiative No. 2) as part of a new Nationwide Smart Grid. In the same 20 to 40 year period of time there will be an accelerated Phased-in shifting of our current transportation systems driven by significant technology advances in electric automobiles, trucks and public transportation, part of the building of Carbon Neutral Smart Tech Cities (Initiative No. 3) that combined will dramatically reduce C02 emissions along with most airborne carcinogens currently released into the air and water from our current dependance on polluting Fossil Fuel Energy Resources. 

In a Clean Energy America the air and waters of our Nation will be dramatically cleaner and our CO2 / Carbon Footprint will plummet. Most airborne pollutants from our current 20th Century Infrastructure will be cleared from our skies and waters, as the current non-renewable and polluting energy technologies reach the end of their business life cycle in 20 to 40 years, and are replaced by expanding Renewable Clean Energy Collecting Technologies and Infrastructure. 

As the National Clean Energy Infrastructure Plan is implemented it will result in clearing up our air, our water and greatly reduce most forms of airborne and waterborne carcinogens that will have the positive effect of creating healthier cities, communities and industrial work environments across America and will contribute to substantially reducing America’s Health Care Costs.  

Note: Nuclear Energy will also be phase out over time as it also represents a much more serious pollution threat than Fossil Fuels – due to the very long term radioactive waste operation and disposal issues.  Earthquake and Tsunamis  natural disasters pose a serious threat as well as  man made situations in the miss use of radioactive waste in the manufacture of Nuclear Weapons by Rogue Nations and potential acquisition of Nuclear Material by Terrorist Organizations.

Go to the to view an interactive map of the United States and see and analysis by Stanford University for how each of the 50 States can move to 100% Renewable Clean Energy within their State by the Year 2050. Click on any State to View their potential path to 100% Renewable Clean Energy and view the benefits.

Nevada Solar One – 64(MW)   Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant

Expand the next two Presentation Panels – that are detail views of the Western and Central United States &  Central and Eastern United States to view the Notes – indicating where the different Major Renewable Energy Collecting Regions are located across the Continental United States following the NREL Source Maps above.

American Clean Energy Infrastructure Initiative 2:

Collaborative Design & Construction of The American HVDC Super Grid connecting the Eastern and Western American Grids:

The American HVDC Super Grid: The American Clean Energy Initiative -2050 Strategy Plan proposes the layout of a new National Electric Super Grid to enable the proposed National Clean Energy Collection and Transmission System  to function using HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current Technology – to wheel clean renewable energy from where it is collected in more remote regions of the Country to the major population centers throughout the Nation primarily in the Central and East Coast States with minimal transmission line losses.

It is proposed that two new East to West HVDC Super Grid Lines will be built in secure tunnels beneath and within the existing Right of Ways of our Interstate Highway System, following primarily  the East/ West route of Interstate I-80 through the North Central United States – and Interstate I-40 through the South Central United States from the Western States to the Central and Eastern States.  This proposal will allow the construction to occur in each State without needing totally new right of ways – the construction will be underground well below the Interstate Highways – allowing the construction to occur in subterranean vaults with minimal disruption to the Interstate Highway.  This will eliminate high voltage concerns – from health risk standpoint and provide a very high level of grid security from disruptive weather and other security risks to our National Infrastructure. The construction of this American HVDC Super Grid and Renewable Energy Collecting / Electric Generation System  will bring our brightest Civil & Electric Transmission Strategic Planning Engineers a challenge similar to the scale of the collaborative design and coordination planning in The Apollo Space Program or the Interstate Highway Systems initiated in the first 15 years after World War II. It will also bring  heavy construction companies thousands of new jobs in every State that the American HVDC Super Grid passes through. 

This approach will provide interconnect infrastructure to connect the National Super Grid through a new  HVDC –  – The National Super Highway Electric Clean Energy Grid – that will provide the means with relatively low transmission loss to wheel electricity from Coast to Coast from the large renewable energy collection zones primarily in the Western States for Geothermal and Solar Thermal Base Load Energy and the Central Plains States from Texas in the South to North Dakota in the North. 

This National HVDC Super Grid will begin where the largest resources of  Renewable Clean Energy can be collected in remote and relatively unpopulated regions of the desert west.   This vast NREL Renewable Clean Energy Reserve can be collected and stored, primarily in the Western States for  Concentrating Solar Thermal, Solar Photo-voltaic,  and Geothermal Energy – as well as Wind Generated Energy along the Pacific Coast, then along with the major NREL Wind Reserves in Central Plain States from Texas to North Dakota and from the Rockies to St. Louis where a vast Clean Energy Reserves can be harnessed.  From these large Western and Central State Renewable Clean Energy Reserves there has been mapped out by the NREL more than enough Clean Renewable Energy that the Nation with connecting  HVDC Super Grid- when built can deliver Electric Energy from Clean Renewable sources to the major urban centers and population centers from the Western Pacific Rim States through the Mountain and Central States to the largest.

Expand the Continental United States Strategy Plan below to view the two Coast to Coast – The American National Clean Renewable Energy HVDC Super Grids  – in bright yellow highlight – proposed to be built  in the underground Right of Way of – Interstate I-80  North / Central Corridor – and Interstate I-40 South / Central Corridor.  The construction of these two HVDC Super Grids is a central component of an American National Strategy to fully tap into the vast National Clean Renewable Energy Reserves that have been mapped out by the NREL – National Renewable Energy Laboratory

After viewing the oview (best on a large screen) go to the following two Western & Eastern Region Maps to view the close up details of the two Super Grid Routes and their relationship to the Major Renewable Energy Reserves in the West / Central and the East / Central United States.

Expand the next two Presentation Panels – that are detail views of the Western / Central United States &  Eastern / Central United States close up Plans to view the Notes – indicating where The American Clean Renewable Energy HVDC Super Grid Corridors are located along Interstate I-80 and Interstate I-40.

American Clean Energy Infrastructure Initiative 3:

Design and Construct The American High Speed Rail System (9)-Regional City to City High Speed Rail Systems

To connect our major Cities and Urban Metro Regions together for the 21st Century, this plan recommends the building of 9-Metro Region High Speed Rail Systems that include the first High Speed Rail System proposed at this time in California – 1. The Pacific Southwest High Speed Rail-HRS Corridor – 2. The Pacific North West HSR Corridor – 3. The Rockies Western Front Range HSR Corridor – 4. The Rockies Eastern Front Range HSR Corridor – 5. The Texas Triangle HSR Corridor – 6. The Central Midwest HSR Corridor – 7. The Chicago Metro Region / Great Lakes HSR Corridor – 8. The New York Metro Region / Northeast HRS Corridor and – 9. The Southeast HSR Corridor.

This layout of High Speed Rail follows, with minor modifications, the recommendations of the Regional Planning Association’s – America 2050 – National Infrastructure Plan –   These high speed rail corridors will ease traffic congestion along many of the Nation’s busiest highways in the most populous regions, while dramatically cutting travel time by land or air for distances up to 400 miles (2hr travel time @ 200mph) between major cities and new Carbon Neutral Cities that The American Clean Energy Initiative -2050 Proposes. This system will provide the means for far more mobility in traveling options and major new business and recreational travel interactions, increasing the quality of life and commerce, while capitalizing on increasingly less expensive, abundant and clean renewable electric energy that will be available through the National Clean Energy Grid bringing overall ongoing costs down.

Change is happening at increasing speed – In 2012 when the first version of the American Clean Energy Initiative-2050 was sent to President Obama, the idea of an ultra high speed 760 mph rail system had not been proposed or gained any traction at the National Level. 

The Hyperloop idea was first made public when Elon Musk – founder of Space X/ Tesla/ Solar City/ The Gigawatt Factory – first proposed the Hyperloop in 2013 in a white paper. Three years later in 2016 an idea that would have been considered a complete fantasy only a few short years before is now being taken seriously and is under considerable Research & Development with the first test track now being constructed in California.

By combining Initiative No. 1 and Initiative 2 –  The Building of a Nation Super Conducting Grid and comprehensive Clean Renewable Energy Collecting Infrastructure along with Clean Renewable based high speed Electric Transportation Infrastructure – The United States has the capability of becoming the first  virtually fully a Self Sustaining Clean Energy Nation in the World. Americans would do this  by capitalizing on only a small fraction of the full 212,000 Gigawatt Renewable Energy Resources available in the Continental United States, and phased in  between now and the year 2050, we can shift most of our Transportation Energy needs to Clean Electric  High Speed Rail / Electric Cars and Trucks – and drastically reduce our Carbon Foot Print, while further cleaning our skies, air and water resources and create far healthier urban, and community environments across America.

Doing this would have a dramatic positive effect on health care cost in the United States and the American Economy built on new Clean Energy Infrastructure and Clean Energy Green Smart Tech Manufacturing Zones would return and surpass the best economic times of the decades since World War II.

Wikipedia History of Hyperloop: Hyperloop Technologies – Website:!/ America 2050 – Regional High Speed Rail – Proposed Phasing Implementation Plan. Expand Image to View. Website: Expand image of  – America 2050  – Regional & National High Speed Rail Network

America 2050 – Regional High Speed Rail – Proposed Phasing Implementation Plan. Expand Image to View Website:
 Hyperloop Technologies – Expand Image to View – Website:!

Expand the next Over all Continental United States Strategy Plan to view the 9 High Speed Rail Line Routes – then go to the following two Western & Eastern Region Maps to view the close up details of the High Speed Rail Proposed Routes.

Expand the next two Presentation Panels – that are detail views of the Western / Central United States &  Eastern / Central United States close up Plans to view the Notes – indicating where the initial 9 High Speed Rail Lines are proposed.

American Clean Energy Infrastructure Initiative 4:

Design, Develop, Finance & Construction of a series of new sustainable Carbon-Neutral | Smart-tech Cities (8 possible)- with Point to Point High Speed Rail and job creating Smart-Tech and Energy efficient Economic Green Zones 

A tremendous catalyst to jump start the American Economy will be the Public /Private – Collaborative Design, Development & Construction of up to 8-New Sustainable / Smart Tech / Carbon Neutral Cities over the next 20 years. This is equivalent to an incredibly exciting and technologically sophisticated Apollo Earth Project of our time, and it will positively influence the transformation of our existing communities and cities throughout America.

Central elements of Carbon Neutral, Smart Tech Cities, is Urban Planning to enhance all aspects of the quality of life and living of the residents of the City incorporating the full range of living options that have been developed in the last 50 years and that are being applied by American, Canadian and European Architects, Urban Planners and Engineers in very large and complex Collaboratively Designed Cities in the Middle East and China over the last 10-15 years.

Examples of these cities are on the main vision board to the right side as well as the third board that has a series of concept plans related to Sustainable / Carbon Neutral / Smart Tech Cities for the 21st Century.

To assure a very high level living experience in a Sustainable City, and the full range of urban life experiences, socially, culturally, economically and academically all components of the plan are thought through along with an emphasis on energy efficient design, rapid transit, point to point light rail systems, electric cars, and reliance on Clean Renewable Energy for Sustainable Cities’ power, desalination where applicable, energy efficient water treatment etc.

Architects, planners and engineers that have been engaged in the collaborative design process have proven their capability of designing these complex cities, incorporating all the advanced and sustainable infrastructure components, while providing hundreds of Private Enterprise Developers thousands of new projects in the full city build out. In the various projects in the Middle East that I have referenced my work to, these projects have been built in record time, at a tremendous rate of construction, and produced millions of construction jobs throughout a 10 to 15 year period from the mid 1990s to 2012. As noted most of these projects were developed with American, Canadian and European professional expertise and there is no reason that we cannot do this at home in the United States, and add on the commitment to the Carbon Neutral overlay to take these projects to the all important next technological and sustainable level of design. The end result would be a very high quality life for all who will live in these new Cities, as well as providing the model that will over time replicate the innovations in our existing Cities and Urban Metro Regions throughout the United States.

Another central concept is the idea of new Green Economic Zones around the new Sustainable Cities that can be developed with the latest advancements in clean technology applied. The Apollo Earth Prototype Sustainable Cities provide the working examples of technology that can be applied in a “technological renaissance” to all our existing cities and that will bring millions of light industry smart-tech jobs back to America’s Communities. GrowGreen Power Centers as an example, can be anchor components in this strategy to provide new Green Zone light industry, including fully Climate Controlled – high yield, very low water consumption, local fresh produce hydroponic greenhouses combined with energy sharing biomass and solar thermal power plants. These combined Growing and Renewable Energy Platforms can provide a wide variety of fresh local produce and a significant quantity of renewable energy to the grid and distributed thermal energy for climate control to the Green Zone Industrial Areas. This way of organizing our cities for a sustainable future can be replicated in Cities throughout the World Community and will have a tremendous impact on the quality of life, and the long-term environmental sustainability of our cities into the next century.

The American National & State Collaborative Vision, Planning and Coordination Initiative 5:

Initiate (3) Collaborative Regional Strategic Planning Zones

Collaborative Design and Development Planning is the key to success. This plan envisions three levels of Collaborative Vision Planning in at least 3 Regions that are natural divisions of the Continental United States. These are The Western Pacific States / The Central Mountain & Midwest States / The North & South Eastern Atlantic States – Regional Planning Zones.

Each region will organize Collaborative Planning Sessions with both Public and Private Enterprise professionals from the Design / Business / Development and Finance Sectors / as well as The State Planning Departments and the Governor’s Offices of the various States within each region to collaboratively plan the Clean Renewable Energy Collecting and Distribution Strategies / the Super Conducting Grid and High Speed Rail Transit System Corridors. These groups will also identify potential locations for a new series of Clean Energy / Smart Eco Technology Communities and Cities along the High Speed Rail Lines located at the midpoint between existing major cities and usually at a distance of between 300 to 400 miles – the ideal distance for high speed rail traveling at 200-mph.

Using the Collaborative Design and Development Process to build Sustainable / Carbon Neutral Cities: it is suggested that there will be a parallel effort made up of professionals from Urban Planning / Architecture / Engineering / Development Groups/ Finance Groups / Environmental / Education and Social Services as well as many Stake Holder experts that will be assembled in a series of Collaborative Vision Planning Groups to develop the Vision / Urban Design / Development & Finance of these new Cities in a Public / Private Enterprise Partnership at the State level. The Prototype Carbon Neutral Communities and Cities Plan will be identified where land / water (note use of clean energy large desalination facilities along the coastal regions is possible) / and energy resources are available for these new Smart Clean Energy Communities that will be located long the High Speed Rail Lines and Super Conducting Renewable Energy Corridors.

American – State and Local Community Collaborative Vision Planning Centers Initiative 6:

Develop the American Network of Community Vision to Action Planning Centers in local communities throughout the Country.

A National Network of Community Vision Planning Centers: In order to bring this visionary and collaborative planning process to local communities throughout America where it can make the greatest positive difference in our existing communities, it is proposed that within communities, towns, neighborhoods, and in cities of every size across this county, a National Network of hi-tech / Internet connected Community Vision Centers will be organized.

This will occur at the State, City and Local Community level. In each local community, the well proven process of Community Based Planning will be incorporated that will utilize the process of Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building Dialogue Groups – with local facilitators that are trained in conflict resolution and neutral / facilitation / moderator communication skills that provide them the skill set to guide the local volunteers in the Community Vision to Action Planning Process. The process of Community Based Planning and the structure of the Nationwide Network of local Community Vision Centers, when implemented, will be seen in time to represent an Evolutionary Step in Democracy that will bring our communities back together and create ever more healthy vibrant, unified and sustainable America for the 21st Century.

Note: the final illustration board in the presentation has the History of Design Earth Synergy coordinated – Community Based Planning Initiatives- and examples of the organization of pioneering /Community Vision Planning in Hawaii from 1986-96.

Expand The Community Vision Planning Centers –  Concept and Strategy Planning Illustrations – Honolulu 1989-1995 below:

Note: Going back through World History for further insight, it was primarily the advances in new technology and infrastructure that brought change that advanced Human Civilization.  There is also a consistent parallel with advances in Warfare Technology and Strategy that have accelerated advances, and also resulted in major periods of contraction such as the approximately 1,000 years of The Dark Ages that followed after The Fall of  The Roman Empire in 470 AD.

The Dark Ages were then followed an extended period of expansion and exploration that began in 1492 with Christopher Columbus navigating to the New World and the subsequent expansion of European Nations around the World and the era of Colonial Expansion. This also brought forward the Renaissance expansion in knowledge, art, architecture and Classical Music.

The Roman Republic from the 753 BC to 27 BC was followed by  the approximately 500 years of  The Roman Empire from 27 BC  to 476 AD – and it was the technological advances not only in military strategy, but also in, architecture, building road systems, aqueducts as well as the Roman advances in developing the structures of government, law, finance etc. that allowed for the great expansion of  The Roman Empire and Civilization.  Then with the fall and destruction of much of the Roman Empire in 476 AD – the approximately 1000 years of the Dark Ages began.  Civilization in what was to eventually become Europe contracted into small fortified and separated Feudal Kingdoms.  This time of contraction and virtually perpetual war was also the time of the Crusades and the Plague.  Then after 1000 years of contraction, a new expansion in exploration, science architecture and the arts all began at approximately the time that Christopher Columbus in 1492 discovered the New World – and was followed by Magellan in 1519 setting off to sail around the World. This then began the next expansion of Civilization during the time of the Renaissance that was all possible because of the advance technology of the Square Rigged Sailing Vessels – Spanish Galleons or English Man of War,  followed by fast Clipper Ships – then Steam Ships etc. Civilization and War have always advanced in parallel, based on the implementing the latest technological improvements of each period of History.

Every century that passes Change is a Constant and every Nation, and particularly the United States should always have the vision for the next great exploration and have the means to be constantly renewing and investing in the  next generation of infrastructure and exploration of knowledge, or they will surely fall behind as history illustrates over and over.   By the Year 2000 we should have been moving rapidly to invest in new Clean Energy Sustainable Infrastructure – in Energy, Transportation, and developing and transforming our urban centers to Smart Tech / Near Carbon Neutral  Cities etc. that were at that time 40 to 50 years from being current.  We also knew from the last years of the 1990’s that we needed to meet the growing threat of Climate Change and the other Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century that are outlined and the premise of this expansive strategic vision plan.  With events of 9-11 our taking action has been delayed by our internal divisions that have increase in the subsequent 8 years of fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – followed by another 8 years of attempting to disengage and drawn down our forces from Iraq and Afghanistan – as well as having to address aftermath of Iraq in the resulting Arab Spring and Middle East Conflicts that have continued and that clearly we are still very much engaged in.


Expand the next presentation panel to follow the History Timeline from just before The American Civil War to the present year 2016- and to an open future that humanity will create through the choices that are made from the present time to the Year 2050.


This Timeline highlights two parallel tracks of the Evolution of Human Civilization through simultaneous periods of WAR & PEACE. The lower part of the timeline records the highlights of the rapid and Exponential  Evolutionary Progression of WAR.   The high side of the timeline records many of the highlights of  the steady collaborative Path from the founding of The League of Nations after World War I  to the founding of The United Nations after World War II to The Rio Earth Summit and eventually to The Climate Change Summit and agreements in 2016 – and at the end of the timeline to what we do next by completely addressing The Global – Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century that will lead to Sustainable World Community and Peace.


THE 20th and 21st CENTURY TIMELINE – THE EXPONENTIAL EXPANSION OF WAR TECHNOLOGY– below the Center History Timeline from 1850  to 2050:

The lower part of the timeline records primarily the highlights and rapid exponential advances and progression of Mass Destruction and loss of life associated MODERN INDUSTRIALIZED WARFARE’S TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES from the time of The American Civil War 1861-1865.  The Civil War is considered the dawn of the first Modern Industrialized War -that began the First Global Arms Race in the short 50 years between the End of the Civil War to WORLD WAR I 1914-1917.  The timeline continues to The Great Depression 1929-1933  and the Rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany 1933-1939 -to The New Deal – to the beginning of WORLD WAR II with Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939 – to America’s Entry into WORLD WAR II from 1941-1945 and ultimately to Allied Victory in Europe and the Pacific 1945 over the forces of FEAR AND TOTALITARIANISM.  The timeline illustrates the pattern of change that events and counter strategies of World War II brought the most rapid and exponential advances in Warfare Technology by the end of the War with the advent of the Strategic Bombing of Cities & Civilians/ the Jet Fighter Plane and Bomber / the V-2 Rocket and ultimately The Atomic Bomb.   This created the scenario where the strategies of  The Cold War that follow and built Nuclear Arsenals that at its peak included 63,000 Nuclear Bombs  that could be delivered by Strategic Bombers, Nuclear Submarines and ICBM Missiles to Cities and Strategic Targets Worldwide. This was strategy of the Cold War was called a strategy of Mutual Assured Destruction – MAD.










Expand – Russians in Afghanistan /

NATO in Bosnia & KFOR in Kosovo



Expand – American Coalition in Afghanistan & Iraq

The Arab Spring and ISIS in Syria

The present situation of an America divided is causing a leadership void in the World Community regarding the Sustainable call to Action, and calls on American Leadership to align and unite once again upon an ambitious visionary course as we have done before. Further by fully comprehending both the clear threat of the Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century, and the clear opportunity, we can make the courageous choices we did during WW II and in the years immediately after the War.

If we Americans move forward in a united and aligned way, with a renewed vision of common purpose, and implement this clean energy infrastructure investment plan, there would be untold clear benefits to the dynamic vibrancy of our freedom that we revere, our individual interests and the common greater purpose of our lives, along with untold benefits to our personal health and wellbeing, and a dynamic expansion of our National Economy for our whole Nation and the World Community. The clean energy infrastructure investments made now will pay for themselves many times over and over during their life time, just like the Interstate Highway System, and existing rail systems bring an ongoing incredible return to the economy of the Nation well after the initial investment is paid for. Today, there are relatively small continual maintenance costs relative to the amount of commerce that travels our Nation’s Highways, and we pretty much take it all for granted.

Over the course of the last 25 years- progress has increasingly been made towards a Global Consensus on meeting the challenge of Climate Change, and now there has been significant progress reaching a Global International Action Plan during The 2015 World Climate Summit.  This summit was followed by The 2016 Climate Change Conference where major Global & International Agreements that call for significant CO2 reductions were made and are expected to be signed by 165 Nations, including the United States. 

The present moment calls for American Leadership and Americans to align and unite once again upon an ambitious visionary course as we did in World War II. We must fully comprehend both the clear threat of the Five Critical Challenges of the 21st Century – that are amplified by the Illustration of the History Time Line of WAR and Peace.   Then we must understand with any major challenge there is also a clear opportunity.  We can rise above the FEAR that would separate us and we can make the courageous choices we did during WW II and in the years immediately after the War to envision and build together a American Clean Energy Sustainable Future to be achieved by 2050 – for the rest of the 21st Century.

Americans – lets remember that our strength has always been in our Unity and our Freedom even in diversity, and we can move forward and envision the clear opportunity of a positive future.   We do have the ability to now rapidly align and move forward on the design and building of the comprehensive 21st Century – Clean Renewable Energy and Transportation Infrastructure that will require new technological advances, as stated in the following presentation panels.  This is key to moving forward in a positive direction on many of the most pressing National and International issues that have so divided our country at the present time. We must achieve alignment once again beyond the present divisions.  What now follows is a comprehensive Aligning / Vision to Action Strategy Plan – The American Clean Energy Initiative – 2050.

Update on GrowGreen Power Centers:

GrowGreen Power Centers, with their combined, fully-climate controlled hydroponic greenhouses and renewable energy power production platforms, will in time be recognized as a new paradigm shifting concept brought to our Nation through collaborative design / development / financing planning process.

The GrowGreen Power model is one of the critical innovation projects of our time that will illuminate how, in the United States and around the World Community, we can move to a Sustainable / Carbon Neutral way of organizing our Cities and Communities between now and the Year 2050. 

Doing this we will move steadily forward towards a new positive paradigm with a regional and nationwide Clean Renewable Energy Infrastructure – with Wellness and Health oriented Communities throughout America – with Clean Energy Economic Green Zones – abundant Hi Tech Jobs and abundant healthy Vegetable and Fruit Produce locally produced.  This is a model that can be repeated around the World Community.

This is a long range and comprehensive vision and strategy that will set this Nation on a course for a Sustainable Clean Energy America, and will bring to a divided nation the focus necessary to align our individual interest with our common interests. This aligning vision of National purpose will greatly assist in reunifying and uniting our currently very divided Nation.

GrowGreen Power Inc.

GrowGreen Power, Inc. (GGP) is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) that specializes in the clean-tech sector of renewable energy production and sustainable agricultural development on a global basis. GGP is a developer of commercial scale hydroponic greenhouses integrated with a diversified set of proven renewable energy technologies that incorporate a variety of energy platforms such as biomass, geothermal and/or concentrated solar power (CSP) collectors in a combined heating and power (CHP) configuration. The innovative inter-connection and integration of these technologies with the hydroponic greenhouse creates a unique and abundant source of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and it produces a highly reliable and efficient source of renewable electric energy in a sustainable platform that we call a GrowGreen Power Center (GGP-Center).

Go to the GrowGreen Power Inc. Website for further Information:

Design EARTH Synergy – Catch the EARTH WAVE –

for a Sustainable 21st Century

Align on a United Vision & Action Plan for a Sustainable

21st Century – Clean Energy America, World Community-

and EARTH by the Year 2050